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Credit Repair is the process of restoring ones credit. The methods used to restore ones credit requires the application of several strategies. The first part involves the review of ones credit report for visible errors or mistakes, such as incorrect names listed on the reports, addresses that are incorrect, social security numbers or dates of birth that are incorrect, accounts that are listed incorrectly. These are just a few of the cursory checks that need to be made.

The 2nd part of the process involves the disputing of any negative information that is on the report whether known to be accurate or not. The reason for disputing ALL negative information is not to challenge the actual event, but to challenge the verification process used to place the information on the credit report. Bottom line – Was the information reported on the credit report verified?The importance of this is that it is a known fact that the credit reporting agencies have had a high number of incidents where information being reported is not verified and is incorrectly placed on a unsuspecting consumers report.

The 3rd and most important part of the process is education. If you do not education yourself on all things related to improving and maintaining your credit scores then you will not have long term success. Part of the education process is learning the necessary disciplines to assure your success. One of those disciplines is monitoring your credit. It's like going to the dentist for a check up or taking your car in for a regular tune up or oil change. It's funny how people will schedule those types of activities but won't do a regular check up on there credit reports. More times then not this lack of discipline leads to unnecessary disappointing surprises.

As an example, I currently enrolled a client that had not seen his report in about a year and half and found out that he had a mortgage reporting on his credit report that belonged to his ex-wife. Now even if the courts rules that the wife is responsible for the mortgage, and both parties are on the loan, then the history of the loan will report on both parties credit report whether good or bad. A divorce decree does not supersede a contractual financial obligation. But here's the kicker, my client was never on the loan, only title.

The 2nd issue was that several credit cards his ex-wife had were also reporting on his credit report. My client was not on these accounts, not even as an authorized user. And finally his son who has his name but is a Jr. had an account reporting as well as birth date and SS# on my clients credit report.

Once my client realized this (after applying for a business loan) he took the appropriate action and sent information to the credit reporting agencies to have the corrections made. He included letters from the bank indicating he was not on any of the credit card accounts or an authorized user, copy of mortgage documents showing he was not on the mortgage as well as a copy of his sons drivers license, SS# and credit card statements showing the accounts belonged to his ex-wife and his son.

Unfortunately the responses he received were less then desirable - VERIFIED NO CHANGE!

My conclusion to the Credit Reporting Agencies response was, even though it appears he did everything as directed by the FTC site with regards to disputing information on your credit report he may have sent to much information. The Credit Reporting Agencies dispute departments have daily quota's to meet and depending on the person that received his file for review and their particular case load for the day it may have unfortunately determined the outcome on his dispute.

This is type of occurrence is not uncommon for consumers. The Credit Reporting Agencies failure to comply with the Fair Credit Reporting Act is the very reason the (FCRA) was in-acted in 1970.

Our role (United Credit Education Services) is to assist this busy client that is a business owner and doesn't have the time required to continue or know what to do next to fix the problem.

We have started the dispute process with this client providing minimal information to the Credit Report Agencies to cause them to have to verify the information in accordance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act. We also will continue to dispute as needed every 60 days for the client (client reviews, signs and mails letters). Our letters will reference specific sections with in the Fair Credit Reporting Act letting the Credit Reporting Agencies know why they have to re-investigate and verify according to the FCRA the information they are reporting. The client will be able to track his progress in his secure online account.

Our services will allow the client to do what he does best and needs to focus on - Running his business.

I will post an update as to the results of this client disputes once he receives his updates from the Credit Reporting Agencies.

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