A Buyer Agent for 1st Time Homebuyers

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My dedication to 1st time homebuyers is something that I take very personal. I recall when buying my first house the feeling of disapointment I got because I never really saw that the people helping me, were in it for my families' best interests, but rather $omething el$e.

Never did I receive worthwhile advice and I was always rushed to make decisions. I realized later, that the people that I worked with on buying my house could have advised me better, and I would have purchased my primary residence under much better terms.

Unfortunately, that was not the case. Because of this, I was forced to learn about Real Estate, and I began to grow and learn about the many things that others in the industry may not tell you simply because they are not prepared enough, or they just simply don't know.

My desire is for my colleagues to step up their awareness when acting as a buyer agent and be much more informative when it comes to 1st time homebuying. There are few aspects to homebuying but must be applied correctly in order to cosummate a successful transaction, and this is what I specialize in.

Homebuying is such a delicate undertaking, because whether one realizes this or not, Realtors are educators, and as an educator, you must take pride in teaching and coaching your clients correctly. Having educated 1st time homebuyers enables a healthier member of a community and a much saavier taxpayer.

The right time to buy a house could not be better, the bubble that many were talking about has burst, and the time is undoubtedly a great one.  

Today's market is full of excellent deals, and it is easy to be shown what type of inventory there is out there. All you have to do is to click on the following link http://realtyralph.com/mls.aspx to see for yourself every possible listing within the state of Florida. Navigate my website, and see for yourself why striving to be number one begins when the focus is on you and no one else.

Remember, the house you purchase must be purchased under absolute favorable terms for the buyer. This is something that I take great pride in doing. When you are ready, make sure you are working with someone that goes above and beyond the call of duty.

I speacialize in working with Veterans, Teachers, Managers, Law Enforcement, Students, Doctors, Nurses, and many others looking to get a piece of the american dream. I stand ready to advise you on your 1st home purchase.    

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