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I have had a terrific time this summer enjoying our miniature cities close to home! Phoenixville First Fridays, West Chester and their Thirsty Thursdays (not sure of what they call them..but that works for me!) and my backyard - Malvern Boro!  I've spent time this summer in all of these places and haven't missed the big city night life of NYC and Philly.  Of course, I'm a bit older than the current 'club' crowd - been there, done that!  So, settling in at a nice restaurant with some good friends and a good glass of wine or a draft beer is much more my style now.

On my recent adventure into Phoenixville - last Friday night - with my husband and another couple...we had a fantastic time.  We started out trying to find parking...which is a bummer but reminds me of the Manayunk club days of the early '90's when the fun was worth the walk! :0)   We walked up to Molly McGuires Pub & Restaurant, where I've eaten at least 10 times before and always had a great meal.  Their atmosphere is charming, old world, yet raucous and fun.  Their menu and chefs are really terrific.  The wait was only 1/2 hour despite the hundreds of people mulling around inside and out.  We gave our name, but decided to spend the time walking down the street.  We ended up eating at PJ Ryans - they had a table immediately available along the sidewalk so we could people watch.  Their menu was really great pub food.  Ironically though, we went with Nachos and Calmari...and I had an Italian Pork Sandwich.  All of it was really great..especially the way they prepared the Nachos..mmm good. 

We left there and stopped in at the Colonial Theatre to get some popcorn for our walk down Bridge Street. Bumped into at least 8 different people that one, or all, of us knew along the way.  Ended up stopping in to the Martini Bar called The Fenix (a little play on words there).  That was a Manhattan experience...with the dark walls and ceilings, the little conversational leather chairs and couches.  We each tried one of their concoctions and then passed them around the table so we all could get a try.  Delicious.

Out the door then to where the Grateful Dead-inspired band, Splintered Sunshine, was rocking the parking lot.  They played the Dead, Bob Dylan and a host of other "flower child" music.  Tie-Dye'd clothes were worn by several groups of friends...children, dogs, adults... all playfully hanging out at an outside venue completely enjoying themselves.  It was priceless (literally and figuratively)

At 10pm the band ended and we walked down past the Iron Hill Brewery (again - I've been there many times for some terrific meals) and into the newly acquired Baxter's 101 Bridge St Bar and Grill.  One more drink there with a friendly, 'happening' crowd and we were off to find our car and call it a night.  Call it a Great Night!

I've lived and worked in Phoenixville, Malvern, Great Valley and West Chester for a long time now...over 15 years and it never ceases to amaze me that the people of Chester County know how to enjoy themselves and know how to make others feel alive!   I currently have a listing in Phoenixville - a 5 year old townhouse ( and am so happy that I get to drive into Phoenixville at least twice a week to see the residents 'eating up' the newly revived brick sidewalks, fantastic restaurants and the shoppes.  What a great place!

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