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Trendy Markets?

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I can't believe we are headed into the Fall of 2009 already. Do you ever get the feeling that time is faster than it use to be? Even in the ups and downs of this year I have noticed that some things don't seem to change.  Have you noticed the same?

A true real estate professional can predict the slow weeks of the year with their eyes closed.  It really doesn't matter if the economy is good or bad, does it? The trends are still the trends and they are even more true.  For instance, I could have told you that right around the start of school in Union County, that the traffic in my listings would be lower than the first of August. Why? Because the focus of the consumer shifts for obvious reasons.  The economy or the housing market don't change these facts but rather validates them with even greater measure. 

So for those of you currently contemplating waiting to sell your home until next year.  Guess what? I will still have a great October and December this year, irregardless of the market. The "greatness" will be relatively to the current market but it will be great none the less in comparision to some of the slower months. And guess what? In the spring of 2010, if you wait to list your home, you will still be competing with the masses just like any other year.  So take advantage of the trends this winter and sell your home when you are competing with only a fraction of the average housing market. Go for it! Your wallet may say you made a smart choice.

The market changes but the trends usually don't. So give me a buzz at 704-907-7613 and let's get your house or lot SOLD!