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Good Reviews on Seattle Electricians and Plumbers

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From my TeamIrene blog:

I've been passing out a resource list of my top recommended service providers for Seattle and the Eastside to my clients (if you're a client and are wondering why you haven't gotten one yet it's just because I haven't given them all out yet - you'll get one soon!)

Anyway, it's great to get feedback from people who use the list, and I thought it was worth mentioning that just in the past week I had clients use and give good reviews to the two electricians and the plumber I recommended.  Here they are again:

Roger Hill, Hill Electric
(425) 485-4321
Eastside for sure, don't know how much of Seattle he covers.

Brian McManis, Eagle Electric
(206) 271-3678
All of Seattle and Eastside.

Jeff Morelli, New Concepts Plumbing
(425) 418-3304 or (206) 948-1617
All of Seattle and Eastside.