Phoenix Area Business Owners – Your Board of Directors Event Next Week

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Your Board of Directors Chart

“Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.” Proverbs 15:22 (NIV)

As independent or small business owners, we typically fill most, or all, of the job descriptions for our business. And when we're busy working in our business, we often don't have the time, or even energy, to work on our business.

Your Board of Directors is sharing their expertise on September 23, 2009, at the 3rd Quarter 2009 Informational Seminar held in Goodyear, Arizona. You will receive guidance on how to stay focused on revenue generating activities with strategies for reducing your administrative activities. Topics include:

  • Organizational standards
  • Technology standards
  • Financial reviews
  • Marketing strategies
  • Business insurance

 and how these areas impact your bottom line.

This $250 value is yours for only $75, with $25 refunded at the door. Only advance registrations are accepted and space is limited. Visit the website for more information: or call 623-444-2395.

Your Directors Panel:

Deb Morgaina - Productivity Expert

Dave Carattini - Business Technology Expert

Linda Kay Andrews - Small Business Bookkeeping

Randy Akers - Business Insurance Specialist

Carol Cox - Marketing/Website Consultant

Graphic provided by Your Board of Directors

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