Fathers Day

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Fathers Day? The term implies what? I'm a father,I have four sons,four totally unique individuals who are my greatest accomplishment(some say my only accomplishment).I'm both their biological parent and their dad.I try to be there for them coaching,mentoring,trying to imbue the wisdom of past mistakes and successes so the road is a little straighter and has fewer potholes than the one I traveled.Sometimes I think they wish I was less interested and involved in their lives. You know in some ways they are  right.I'm selfish.I want my time with my boys...so too bad.They can do the same to their kids someday.Why not?The lads are cause for laughter and memories that will carry me into my twilight. I've made mistakes with my crew,and I've done some really good things.I wouldn't trade these times for anything.From health to wealth,given a choice I would take the time with my sons over anything else. So what is this " holiday"?I don't believe the day was meant for fathers...it was meant for dads. I spent 25 plus years as a police officer, a cop.I've met a number of fathers who aren't dads. Biological process doesn't deserve recognition.That's like giving every participant in an event a trophy!...Oh,that's right we do that now. But you know what? That isn't reality.You are rewarded in life for your efforts.I've received my trophies; Jim,Justin,Jon and Joe.

 Happy Dad's Day!


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