Here’s a large Houseboat on Lake Chelan!

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Harbor Master House Boat on Lake Chelan

Folks often ask about houseboats on Lake Chelan.  There is at least one large, luxurious houseboat on the lake.  There are pontoon boat and boat rentals from a few different companies, but no houseboat rentals I am aware of.

Often moored at the Manson marina, this Harbor Master appears to be a 52 footer.  It is owned by Ken Blodgett of Blodgett construction out of Malaga.  I took a picture of it in Manson yesterday.  I've seen it going by my house this summer, but never had my camera handy when it went by.  There were lots of smiles coming from the boat as it passed!

With the limited moorage we have on Lake Chelan, I don't expect to see many of this size boat on the lake.  but, from what I've seen, they have a great time on this one!  It does look like fun.

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Nancy Murphy (McGraw)

Was wondering about the house boat you discussed above.  Was looking for a place to rent in June for approx. 10 people or 12.  I would appreciate your help if possible. 

Thank you. 



Feb 15, 2013 05:41 AM
Al Lorenz


That particular houseboat is for sale, last I looked, through Bob Fiel Boats and Motors in Wenatchee.  There are not houseboats for rent on Lake Chelan at this point. 

There are vacation homes for rent.  Several companies offer them, just google "chelan vacation rental" and you will have lots of options.



Feb 15, 2013 05:52 AM