Wichita Kansas is the Home Of The Sedgewick County Zoo

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Lisel and I spent last Saturday at the Sedgwick County Zoo in Wichita Kansas. The Zoo here is quite possibly the coolest piece of real estate in Wichita. We love the Zoo. Opening in 1971, it's among the 20 largest Zoos in the country.


Out Zoo is nationally renowned and ranks among the best by visitors and visiting officials alike. This place is home to something like over 2000 different animals in large (for the most part) naturalistic exhibits. So much to do and see a full day could easily be spent at this Zoo. The admission fee is a great value for all the entertainment you get.


As you enter the Zoo right after the Cargill Learning Center you will happen upon a flock of brightly colored Pink Flamingos. One of which is no longer here but remains quite famous as it flew the coop and is spotted in different places around the country.


The Zoo has everything from a domestic animal petting area with animals and themes from around the world to exotic animals to places to dine and rest from all the walking you do.


It seems almost every year there are new and grand things being done at the Sedgwick County Zoo This year is the year of the tiger. A brand new and spectacular tiger exhibit opened up.


Some of the newer and really cool places include the Downing Gorilla forest, the just recently opened and one of my favorites, The Penguin Cove and a habitat for the king of the jungle. The last exhibit you'll see on the way out is the Koch Orangutan and Chimpanzee Habitat housing, you guessed it, Orangutans and Chimpanzees.


The Zoo itself is divided into sections from around the world. Just about all the continents are represented by the animals that inhabit them. There's North America with Grizzly bears, otters and wolves. A South American jungle , Australia and it's kangaroos and Asian animals. Africa is the biggest with the most large mammals. There are hippos, elephants, giraffes, rhinos and loads of others are to seen.


Birds, rodents and other small mammals are abundant throughout the different exhibits. Lots of colorful parrots and little creatures scurrying about interact directly with visitors as you wander through their natural habitat. A good job has been done placing the animals in natural and roomy surroundings.


Other than all the great animals to be seen and learned from, the Zoo offers different programs too. Zoobilee is a concert and the biggest fund raising event of the year. It's also famous around these parts as the place to be and be seen. At Zoobilee there is lots of food and adult beverages to be had.


Around Halloween every year there is The Night Of The Living Zoo. A night to celebrate Halloween in grand fashion. There are events around all the holidays, a creature feature night where a full length movie is shown in the Cargill Learning Center and many other special events throughout the year.


This Zoo is really something you should see. If your ever in town or even close by it's worth the trip. Our world class Sedgwick County Zoo is just one more of the many attributes for Wichita Kansas to be proud of.

You know ya wanna live here!!

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Many THX 4 a trip 2 the zoo in Kansas when I'm stuck in GA. Your facility will be envied w/out a doubt.  And the Halloween shindig! Brilliant! Make me wish I were w/in tri-state area=worth the trip!

THX also 4 very well written & easy 2 read article. You have MadSkills!


Sep 11, 2009 11:00 AM