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Do you have a website? Do you blog or post on: Tweeter, Facebook, MySpace, Facebook, LinkedIn, Active Rain, Craigslist, Ebay, google base, Zillow, oodle, Backpage, Hot Pads, Trulia, Postlet, Enormo, Dothomes, Front Door, Blogger, You Tube, Firefox...and well, really I could type and type and type.....

The possibilities are endless...the time spent bordering well does it work?

Pretty good- if you do it right! Ah, easier said then done.

If you can relate to what I am saying, please give me a shout out! Over the course of the last 3 months, I have really been making a concerted effort to get Internet savvy, to go digital, to gain web presence! I want to maximize my listings, I want to increase the speed in which they sell, I want to attract more buyers, I want to say, "Look at my website, my blogs, my posts, I am in the KNOW AND THE NOW.

But wow, when you are not a computer genius (like myself) all the "little" things are the things that take the most time to learn. But, I believe that all my little seeds that I am dropping and blogging along are going to pay. That the added extra time I am taking to download photos and advertising to Postlet and Facebook and Tweeter are going to pay off.

I believe, as I am told by those that have traveled done the internet, cyber world before me only takes that "one" buyer or seller to see: Jennifer Davida with Future Home Realty and her lovely listing or niche area and say....."Now, that's the Realtor for me".

If you are just starting out....get to blogging....join me and all our fellow successful agents!

If you are a long time pro....any additional sites, advice or techniques....please feel free to share!





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Mark Hall
Realty One Group Cascadia - Vancouver, WA
Homes for Sale Vancouver Washington

One of the features that I love about Facebook is how your blogs from AR can be automatically imported to FB.  I would love to hear about how the advertising on Facebook is working out for you.

Sep 11, 2009 12:43 PM
Karen Anne Stone
New Home Hunters of Fort Worth and Tarrant County - Fort Worth, TX
Fort Worth Real Estate

Jennifer:  What a mess.  All these places that you mention.  How many of them involve actual, physical contact.  They may be fun for some... but nothing succeeds like a good old fashioned personal referral from a happily satisfied past customer.  Personal contact works great for me... but I'm glad the sites you mentioned work well for you.  Different strokes... !

Sep 11, 2009 12:49 PM
Jennifer Davida
Future Home Realty - Trinity, FL
Ritz Carlton Hospitality & Extensive Experience

Thank you Karen and Mark. Well, I have to say that I did exxagerate the amount of sites I personal take the time to upload. I am in the process of organizing my systems and so forth to get ready to hire an assistant. When you do things yourself for a long time, you just do. But, when the time comes to have to train someone to do things perfect (you know, they way we do things) it's sometimes difficult to express. So, over the last few months I have been getting a little help. So one thing started leading to the next with learning more and more about what things are out there.

I stumbled upon and that really was what I spent a lot of time on tonight after working the full day. When I was ready to blog on AR- which I haven't in so long....I just wanted to express how I see things in the "social media internet" world. With regards to AR. I have had 2 referrals from CA and one from TX and given one to NJ. But, the seems like a winner. But, I just learned about it yesterday. When you upload there, it automatically uploads to about 10 other sites but you can upload to Twitter, Facebook and Craigslist with a few easy clicks. But yes, AR is awesome in that you can do Facebook too. I have had 3 inquiries from Facebook but nothing solid yet.

But, what I was thinking about tonight while driving home is....creating albums under the photo section for Facebook with each one of your listings. Because you can put a description for each photo. That was one way I thought it could kick things up. Another thing that I did on my website is a section called Follow the Net. I put Twitter but am going to add Facebook and Active Rain (if it's possible). Because a lot of folks are doing this sort of thing and so when they are viewing homes on our web and they want to be a "friend" they can just click and then they will also then be privy to your weekly updates, in addition to the personal ones you send or talk about.

But Karen, as far as the old fashion referrals- you are 110% correct. I am blessed to have a heathly relationship with my clients and most of my business is referral based. I just am trying to roll with the times and take a chance. 

You guys (yes, I am orginally from Jersey and born in the Bronx) have a blessed weekend. ABC! 

Sep 11, 2009 02:50 PM
Daniel J. Hunter
REALTOR® - New Port Richey, FL

you must have moved to Jersey young Jennifer, because everybody knows its "da Bronx" ;-)  I was born and raised on Lon Guyland

I dove head first into the social media a year ago and saw nothing, no potential.  Than my 5th grade teacher emailed me in February or March, and said 'we are basically having a grade school reunion on FB."  I was flabbergasted.  So many people to reconnect with, seemingly all over the country.  It hooked me, although I do very little business posting on FB (albeit my AR blog auto posts there)  It is also auto-fed onto my twitter account.  But it is important not to overdue your self promotion on any of the sites.  Have you created a business page on FB yet, where you can do 100% RE without annoying friends on your personal stream?

Like AR they all are really about making connections, interacting with people, and just like IRL, developing relationships.

With twitter, I follow PROUpdates (pinellas realtor organization) infocentralNAR & NAR_Research and FloridaRealtor (FAR) and  NewsTampa.  The difference between these and the 2200 others I follow, is these tweets are sent to my TREO.  I get breaking Real Estate News before most other Realtors who are not using social media.  I also follow, but no phone tweets, Lennar, and other main builders in our area. Alot of them are on FB as well.  My co-workers are a bit surprised during our monthly meetings when in the middle of it all, I say "FAR just tweeted...." or "PRO just tweeted...."  I know before the rest.  How can that be bad.

As to your postlets. they also have a widget so you can have your listings on the side of your blog, which I recommend you doing.

I also like the map feature that keeps track of all the people who view your blogs, I have embedded them on all of mine.  As a result I have pretty much given up on my site, I copy/paste virtually every blog from AR to my wordpress blog a day or two later.  AR is where I want my google juice

Have you submitted your blog and other profiles to and Blog Catalog?  Have you manually submitted your Blog Domain Name to Google, Yahoo, Bing/MSN so they know you are out there?

I also added 2 widgets from truliaand/or zillow that shows a graph of mortgage rates, and another graph that shows prices and inventory levels for Hudson & Port Richey, only lets you do two

If You need any help, feel free to reach out virtually or IRL

Sep 13, 2009 05:36 PM
Daniel J. Hunter
REALTOR® - New Port Richey, FL

oh yeah, they also have started an automatic signature inserter for every blog post, you shoudl take advantage, if you are not already.  See what others are doing in their blogs, and make it your own

Sep 13, 2009 05:40 PM
Daniel J. Hunter
REALTOR® - New Port Richey, FL

and a great place to start here is

Lenn Harley great blogs and her profile page :-0 She is so busy I believe she refers out all the leads she gets on line and collects referal fees

Wellington Homes great blogs and their profile page :-0 believe they said 60% of their business is from their AR blog

Virginia Hepp she is the standard bearer presented to me when they converted me to a Rainmaker.  she ranks #1 for so much in her local market they closed me in a 15 min phone call.


check me out on google for:

hudson florida realtor not too bad in rankings for such a generic term with alot of Competition

Hudson florida Real Estate not as impressive, but getting there with a lil help from my friends at AR

Leisure Beach Florida

Sea Pines Florida ranks me between the subdivision webpage and the golfcourse web page LOL

Hudson florida bagels

hudson florida meat

hudson florida ice cream 

Hudson florida car tune up

gulf front restaurant

if the results on the first page or two says ActiveRain, LoveTheGulfRE or localism, it is probably me 

AR has taken me to a whole nother level.  It is my first stop and my last, and if I only have time for one place, this is it.   The wealth of information that is shared is PRICELESS

Sep 13, 2009 06:05 PM