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Taking A Step Back In Time...Calling Cards vs. Business Cards

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It would be easy to think that this was silly if...IF I was not aware of the Victorian custom of using a "calling card". The calling card can be viewed as a cousin of the business card and its usage is becoming very prevalent among a wide section of the population.

One would assume that with all the social media and other forms of connecting that calling cards would be "old school" and remain in the Victorian times. But increasingly, the thirtyish crowd and the unemployed are presenting calling cards to differentiate themselves.

 Here are 6 tips for would be calling card users:

•1.    Simplicity is key - a clean stylized card is more impressive than a colourful busy one. The type and   graphic should be clean and simple.

•2.    Professionalism - your card is a reflection of you, have them professionally printed on good paper.

•3.     Colour combination - use muted tones that complement each other and reflect what you are selling.

•4.    Information - include your name and contact information, it would be wise not to include your home address.

•5.    Dimensions - although it may be tempting to create one that is different- size and shape wise; it is not a sound idea. Bigger or unusual shapes don't always fit into a card holder and your card although cute could be left behind.

•6.    Distribution - in formal settings wait until you have had a conversation and the person is interested before you offer your card. Don't just hand them out to everyone in the room.

Whoever started this trend and those who are following are unto something good. In these tough economic times when hundreds of people show up to fill four or five job openings leaving a calling card is a brilliant idea as it immediately gives the owner ‘brownie points'

Joanna Parris, CSP is a Certified Home Staging Expert; President, Durham Chapter - RESA (Real Estate Staging Association); member of SEA (Staging Excellence Alliance) and certified Senior Move Manager (cSMM) - she can be reached at Joanna@effectivestaging.com


Bob Foster
Century 21 Lanthorn R. E. Ltd. Belleville, Ontario - Belleville, ON

Hi Joanna. Thanks for your post. Do you think that regular business cards could be used in this way as well ... with the same cautions you have expressed for their distribution?

Sep 11, 2009 01:33 PM

Hi Bob,

You are most welcome. Depending on your business, especially if it is a home based business it would be prudent not to list your address. Your email, a phone number and a website, if you have one should be enough.

Best regards,


Sep 12, 2009 03:43 AM