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When shopping for Escondido Mortgages let Bill Ladewig's Experience be your Advantage

  • FHA & VA Mortgage Specialist since 1970
  • FHA & VA Lender Consultant
  • FHA & VA Mortgage Trainer
  • FHA 203k Rehabilitation Loan Expert
  • Energy Efficient Mortgages (EEM)
  • Certified CalVet Mortgage Counselor
  • Mortgage Software Designer

Since Bill began in the mortgage industry he has closed several thousand FHA and VA Mortgages and provided online mortgage training for hundreds of Loan Officers and Real estate agents,

Bill also publishes a free Escondido Mortgage Rate Lock Advisory every morning. The Escondido mortgage Adviser arrives in you email before 7:00 AM PT it provides a rate Lock Advisory and brief mortgage market update designed for real estate agents and loan officers. If you wish to receive the morning market brief email Bill at his email address below.

About 6 years ago, Bill began developing rate finding and mortgage loan qualifying software to allow anyone at any experience level to accurately quote mortgage rates. Mortgage Mentor sorts through up to 20 lenders to find the lowest Escondido Mortgage rates for the programs selected then displays the various programs so that they can be easily compared side by side. Click for information

For more information about Bill Ladewig Google Bill Ladewig

Escondido is nestled in a North San Diego County valley which gives it it's Spanish name meaning hidden valley.  First settled in the late 1700s Escondido was incorporated in 1888.  Since then, Escondido has grown to be a wonderful place to live and work. Below are links to Escondido Information

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Escondido Mortgage Facts

  • Conventional Mortgages
    • Conventional Mortgages allow up to 90% loan to value in California.
    • Most lenders require a minimum 720 FICO score for 90% loans
    • Conventional loans above 80% Loan to Value (LTV) require mortage insurance.
    • The maximum conventional conforming loan amount is $417,000 (best pricing).
    • The maximum conventional Jumbo loan amount varies.
  • FHA Mortgages
    • FHA home Loans only require 3.50% down payment. 
    • FHA home loans require two types of mortgage insurance Up Front and monthly. click here for complete information on FHA Mortgage Insurance.
    • FHA requires condominiums to be at least 51% owner occupied and there can be no outstanding legal action against the association.
    • Non-Owner occupancy co-buyers are allowed.
    • The maximum FHA Home Loan is San Diego County is $697,500 
    • Sellers can pay up to 6% of the buyers closing costs.
    • While FHA does not use FICO scores most FHA lenders require a minimum of 620-640.
  • VA Mortgages
    • VA Mortgages allow 100% financing for Qualified Veterans.
    • The Seller can pay up to 4% of the buyers closing costs
      • Withing the 4% The Seller can also pay off the buyers debts
    • The only co-borrowers allowed by VA are the Veteran's spouse.
    • VA does not have monthly mortgage insurance but requires a one time VA Funding Fee (VAFF) that is normally financed in the mortgage.
    • The maximum VA mortgage in San Diego County is $593,750 which must includes VAFF.
    • VA does not allow the VA borroer to pay lender or escrow fees and these "Non-Allowable" fees are typically paid by the seller.
      • VA buyers should keep in mind the seller must pay about $2,500 Non-Allowable fees when negotiating their purchase price.

Current Escondido Mortgage Rates:

Escondido FHA and VA home mortgage loan GuruBill Ladewig, Your Escondido Mortgage Mentor

NLB Financial, Inc.

201 E. Grand Ave., Suite 2B

Escondido, CA 92025


Bill Ladewig is a Escondido Mortgage Broker Licensed by the California Department of Real Estate 00968137

September 12, 2009 - Escondido Mortgage

Escondido Mortgages have been Bill Ladewig's specialty since he moved to North San Diego County in 1985. If you are thinking about Escondido mortgage, please think Bill Ladewig.  NLB Financial started many years ago offering great service supporting Escondido real estate agents. We are also cost effective and efficient. Since the beginning Bill Ladewig and NLB Financial have grown to be one of the premier Escondido Mortgage companies. To find out more about NLB Financial, feel free to contact us at any time. NLB Financial's goal is to have many successful relationships. Through these relationships we will improve the people and the places that we work.

After many hours of research, you will find that working with us to help you with Escondido mortgage is an excellent choice. We are experts with all types of Escondido mortgages.  When you choose NLB Financial your Escondido Mortgage Expert you can be assured you are working with a professionally run organization. Our Loan Counselors receive most of their business from referrals, which tells you that we are doing quality work. Our history is built on quality relationships that last lifetimes. Your decision to work with NLB Financial should be based on research and relationship.

When choosing a Escondido Real Estate agent, it is important that they are supported by a well-run organization such as NLB Financial. This support is essential when you have a Escondido home for sale. Support is the backbone to all Escondido agents, which allows them to market your property effectively. Our Escondido mortgage counselors provide the following services. One of our services is Escondido mortgage shopping, which includes hundreds of different lenders. Being a Escondido mortgage broker allows Escondido California Real Estate agents the ability to get you the best deal on your Escondido Mortgage because we can use different lenders for each type of loan and some lenders are more competitive on some loans than others. This process of shopping for a home can be very tedious if you don't know the different areas of town. Escondido CA Real Estate agents are local experts and can help you save hours of time in previewing property.  

You want to make sure that you shop for a Escondido mortgage with Bill Ladewig.  When you team up with an expert Escondido real estate agent and Bill Ladewig as your Escondido mortgage broker we will team to help you with both purchase and loan it make the process much easier on you the client.

Below is a list of the documents needed for most Escondido mortgages

  • W2 for past two years
  • Past two years Federal Tax returns (all schedules) if you are self employed or have real estate investments.
  • Check stubs- covering current 30 days
  • Year to date profit and loss if self employed
  • Bank or brokerage statements - all pages of most current
  • Copy of Drivers license and Social Security Card
  • Copies of retirement award letters if retired.

The underwriter may require additional documentation for special situations.  I will discuss these items and answer all your questions when we meet.



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