Harahan Condos, Elmwood Oaks fits the Bill, Great Community for 150K

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Harahan Condos, Elmwood Oaks has a lot going for it! A great Place to Live!

September 11th, 2009 Categories: Condo Listings, Jefferson Parish

     The Elmwood Oaks Condos located in the Elmwood Business Park are in a class by themselves in the Harahan area.  They remain one of the better buys for a two bedroom condo in all of East Jefferson.  The common areas are what stands out to most people.  The landscaped grounds, large pool, tennis courts, ample parking, secure entrance, low condo fees, balconies or patios, storage areas and much more make Elmwood Oaks a winner.   


      The condos are tucked into a corner of the Elmwood area and are close to the many businesses and warehouses that call Elmwood home.  The area is an easy commute to town of less the 25 minutes and you have several routes if traffic does back up.  You are 2-3 miles from Ochsner Hospital and less than a mile to the Mississippi River.


       There are never many unit available as people tend to stay longer and make it their home.  The values have remained steady.  The condos are now older so you see a number of the units have been redone or improvedupon.  The Elmwood Oaks Condos  were built as condo so you have a decent amount of storage area and a community type of layout.  The parking is easy with plenty of space.  Secure entrance to all hall ways and elevators to all floors.


     The large pool and picnic area are a focal point of the community.  There are enough things to say about the complex that I will present my new listing on a separate blog.  There are currently 3 units including the 2 bedroom condo I just listed.  There is a 3 bedroom unit and a condo foreclosure that needs some updates for 120k.    


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