Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Kivett Teeters

Attention: Agents Everywhere: You are doing a disservice to your clients and the industry as a whole by putting a listing on the market, putting a lockbox and nothing more.

I am fortunate enough to have a stable of buyers actively searching for properties. Like any agent at this stage of the transaction, I am previewing houses and returning the next day to show. From one day to the next, keys are removed from the lockbox or offers are accepted and nobody updated the MLS. Or..I am at the front door, ready to show the house to a buyer and viollah! - the lockbox combination does not work or the key is not in there. This is worse than not having a property to show - because I can't show it!

Another thing that gets me is the use of eBay-likeweb sites that some agents employ. Kazork.com is going to render real estate agents obsolete. I do not care if your asset manager requests the use of the service - say no. These sites clog the ability to access information. These sites hinder the sales process by instructing the buyer to input their own offer thereby eliminating the need for you - the buyers agent. If you are mentioned at all, stand back you may receive a whole 1% commission. You guys, think things through, take the time and put real service back to the fore. This is an interesting time to be selling real estate, therefore agents, please, help your brethren out, update your listing anytime there are changes in the MLS, answer the phone when we call for insight, put your cell phone on the MLS printout, how busy are you anyway? (and) Above all, be professional.

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