Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Kivett Teeters

Homes in Highland, CA have dropped in value, they have dropped in number of solds - but so what! This will change - it already has changed. Think about it: Every time I have a client that I am submitting an offer for - in Highland, CA, by the time we have seen it and written it up, there are 14 offers already. This is good.  People are out seeing property and writing offers - you know who you are! Collectively, we agents can turn this ship around. If we believe. We can spread our beliefs like wildfire. Thoughts are things. When I write an an offer for a buyer I tell them to play a little trick on their minds; tell themselves, we are going to get this property, we are going to get this property - mantra. Some buyers are skeptical, but I tell them the difference between successful people and those that are not is the successful people are doing things that others won't.

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