Twitter Educates 8 Year Olds Now on the F-Word and Nudity. Oh my!

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It's Dinnertime, 8:15 pm at the Wilson's at our Eldorado home in Santa Fe. 

We had some dear friends over to our place that we haven't seen in a few years and they brought their kids.

I don't have a Wii or a Sony Playstation 3, so I loaded up Safari on my iMac and let their kids chat with a few of their friends on Facebook. Their parents said it was okay. I watched them for a few minutes then I disappeared to the deck to monitor the grill. 

35 or so minutes later, we've enjoyed a healthy round of Bar-B-Q beer brisket, two helpings of german potato salad and were about half way into the desert course. The big kids (us adults) were enjoying creme brulee with fresh kiwi fruit and mint and the kids are eating a bowl of ice cream when Sarah, the 8 year old asks what F**** Cry Babies means.

Bobbie, the seven year old shows his middle finger to everyone at the dinner table and sneers.

Let me tell you something. Shock and Awe do not come anywhere close to describing what came next at our dinner table.  

Time stood still for an eternity as I watched Sarah's mom and dad turn beet red with astonishment then complete embarrassment. I literally dropped my creme brulee bowl on the dining table, shattering it into a dozen pieces, splattering my shirt with specks of yellow pudding.  

We all sat and stared dumb founded for a few seconds. It just seemed like an eternity. 

Finally, Sarah's mom managed to regain her composure and asked Sarah where she learned this, and she said on Uncle Bart's computer when she was on FaceBook.

Sure enough, she was right. Here's the screen grab below. My apologies if this offends a few people.


F***** Crybabies on Twitter 



The part that makes this entire situation a bit unusual is the fact that Bobbie and Sarah's family are Church going, God fearing people. If Webster could display a single photo when you look up the American Family -- trust me, their family photo would be in the Dictionary.

They are good, honest people with wonderful family values. They are a picture perfect family including a Golden retriever, white picket fence and a house that has less than $40,000 mortgage left to pay off on it. The husband works and the mom is a honest to goodness stay at home mom. A real 1950's kind of Pleasantville kind of thing. 

They closely monitor their kids when they use the computer. Their kids are very polite and say, "Yes sir," and "No ma'am," and this outburst from the kids learning this kind of foul language is not your everyday kind of dinner table discussion you are going to find at the Johnston's family home. 

I've been on FaceBook for five or six months and I have never seen any Hate Groups. Zero Nudity. I'm an avid Facebook users and I am just wondering where this kind of language and nudity has been hiding before.

I don't know if FaceBook has relaxed their policies or not. All I can tell you my entire attitude toward FaceBook marketing has changed 180 degrees if this is the kind of Page content they are going to allow. We can install filters on computer to BLOCK Domain names. We do not (as of today's technology) have the ability to block specific content WITHIN a domain.  If we do, Bart must have been out to lunch because I missed that one. 

I'm all for free speech. I'm not a big fan of censorship, but what the Hell is happening to good manners and self control here in America? How can you protect your kids from stuff like this? I don't think you should let Facebook decide when it's time to start teaching nudity and what the F-word means to your kids.

Call me a prude, but this kind of stuff just isn't appropriate and I'm just wondering if any one else on Active Rain has experienced any of this besides me? 

Sound off if you have... 

- Bart



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Susan Emo
Sotheby's International Realty Canada - Brokerage - Kingston, ON
Kingston and the 1000 Islands Area

and yet you write "what the Hell" ??  Interesting how it all begins.

Sep 13, 2009 11:07 AM #1
Michael A. Caruso
Surterre Properties - Laguna Niguel, CA

Don't let anyone sit down to dinner and see the new Music Video from Black Eyed Peas...the message is that it's great to be stone drunk and falling all over the sidewalk if you're a young lady.

Great for my college age girls to see...

Sep 13, 2009 11:11 AM #2
Bartley Wilson
Virtual Pictures Corp. (VPiX) - Monument, CO
VR Software and 360° Solutions


You presume Hell in the wrong context, my dear. This word is as common as Heaven and these lessons are taught to Children at most bible studies as young as 7 years old. It's told to be a stinky and hot place that we do not want to go to when we die. We are told this is where bad people are eternally shut off from God. 

For those of you who have not studied the Bible or the Torah as I have... I have a quick lesson on Divinity for you below. 

The most widely accepted (translated) form of the Bible is the classic King James version. I think many of you already know this. What you might not know is that the Hebrew word "sheol" simply translates into the word: HELL.

And the Old Testament uses the word; HELL 31 times. The King James version of the bible also uses the words: HELLFIRE from the Greek translation of the word "Gehenna." 

It's not unusual that kids growing up today are taught and will know the words, Heaven, Hell, Brimstone, Hellfire, Hades and many others.  I do not recall seeing the F-word in any translation of the Torah or the Bible.

If someone out there has more education on this than I do, please enlighten me.  

Here endeth the lesson.


-- bart  

Sep 13, 2009 11:30 AM #4
Mike Jaquish
Realty Arts - Cary, NC
919-880-2769 Cary, NC, Real Estate


This stuff is all over Facebook, and YouTube, and one reason I am a little selective where I put myself on the internet.

Sep 13, 2009 11:38 AM #5
Bartley Wilson
Virtual Pictures Corp. (VPiX) - Monument, CO
VR Software and 360° Solutions

This one really shocked me. I'm just wondering how many else of us on AR have kids and have a concern where they go on line and get stuff like this?

Apparently FaceBook isn't censoring this kind of stuff, nor do we seem to have an adult filter that I can find. 

-- bart

Sep 13, 2009 01:25 PM #7
Melina Tomson
Tomson Burnham, llc Licensed in the State of Oregon - Salem, OR
Principal Broker/Owner, M.S.

It's bad on twitter with the porn spammer, but I haven't seen it on FB yet.  I also don't venture outside my little world too much though...

So I typed the f word in the search bar and there were 201,000 groups on FB that use that word in their group name.  I typed in sex and got 2,200.  The F word rules on FB.

Sep 13, 2009 04:20 PM #8
Brian Griffis
Realty Choice - Springfield, MO

It is amazing indeed that the level of decorum on those sites seems to be very low.  Guess it is because the internet is so anonymous.  I doubt those people talk to their mom that way.

Sep 16, 2009 12:49 PM #9
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