Pre Pricing Appraisals (PPA): Can Make the Home Selling And Buying Process Easier.

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My friend Kurt Petrich has contributed to my newsletter this month.  He has written an article about a new product I am offering.

Pre Pricing Appraisals (PPA): Can Make the Home Selling And Buying Process Easier.

Not getting offers on your listing can be frustrating.
Or if you are a buyers agent, maybe your buyers are on the fence.
Learn more here about pre-pricing appraisals (PPA), and you might get
your buyer or seller clients to move quicker.

If you are trying to sell a home or support your buyers purchase of a home, a pre-pricing appraisal (PPA) might be worth looking closer at.   Instead of waiting for the house to close, the seller gets the appraisal before any buyers purchase the property. Its important in 3 different ways. It's an unbiased opinion of what the property is truly worth. And it's beneficial to Agents, Sellers and Buyers. After reading this article, you will have a better appreciation for how pre-pricing appraisals can help everyone in the home selling process.

For the agent, a pre-pricing appraisal is essential for peace of mind for everyone involved in the transaction. With so much uncertainty in the market today, it can remove a lot of questions. For example, it takes the guess work out of the home value.  It is an accurate assessment of what the home is worth. But that is just the first reason.

Sellers also can benefit from this tool. This week I was talking with REALTOR Willie McDowell of Creed Realty, and he told me 2 ways that a pre-pricing appraisal can help them. He said that once they know the value of their home, they can stand stronger on the price they want.  If they've done remodeling, then a pre-pricing appraisal will certainly make that value known to the marketplace. also, with a pre-pricing appraisal in writing, the seller can see what they can offer for closing costs to any buyer.  It's an essential tool to sellers.

Finally, buyers can benefit from a pre-pricing appraisal. They do not have to guess what offers to make.  The likelihood of making an offer too low or high is eliminated. Once they know what they are paying for, they will create an offer that is closer to the listing price. Also, they have a better sense of what they can afford.

Now you know a little more about this powerful tool just remember who it can help. Agents, sellers and buyers can each benefit from a pre-pricing appraisal. If you are looking for someone to provide a pre-pricing appraisal, give Betsy Hughes a call this week. She can put together a pre-pricing appraisal for your home.

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If you enjoyed this article and would like an article written for you on any topic, please contact Kurt.  He is a pleasure to work with and is very professional.  Thanks Kurt.

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