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The Kiss Method

 What ever happen to the ‘ole' kiss method? The concept "Keep it simple Stupid"?

 It would seem from this writers perspective that if you keep things simple and straightforward there would be less of a chance for misunderstanding and complicated dribble in interpretation.

Now, I may not be the brightest candle in the arbor, but I do understand when folks start complicating things they are doing two things. First they are trying to prove how smart they are, secondly, they have a devious mind and want to create "loop holes".

Oops, did I just describe a politician? 

In my opinion, for what it's worth, where there are opinions and arguments over interpretation or what a law or regulation may mean, it is just as easy to argue in simple language that everyone understands rather than a language only a few are trying to understand.

A great example of unnecessarily complicated language and complex misunderstanding over the interpretation over the personification of the original thought process regarding an individual law or rule.

Perhaps, Shakespeare was correct regarding lawyers.

It sounds to me, the simpleton I am, it may just be a tad self-serving for the same ones who make laws are the only ones who can read the blame things. In studying free enterprise the first thing learned is "Caveat Emptor" (let the buyer be aware).    

Well, we have the "Fox guarding the Hen House" continuing to keep things complicated and in their own complex language, we all  lose.

No wonder the country is in an uproar over health care, No one understands it. It is too complicated and we depend on them to explain their interpretation of it to us.

My Daddy always told me, "Son, opinions are live Belly buttons, everybody has one"

Am I the only one, who cannot understand why we subject ourselves to this madness, or allow it to continue? Hellllloooo, is anyone listening? (

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