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Are you the type of person that likes to be challenged? If not, why are you in the real estate business?

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Do you realize you can go into lots of other businesses and not be challenged? That's rarely the case in real estate where every day we are confronted with new problems and challenges.


And that fact should energize you, not make you weary and "burnt out".


Revel in the challenges. Glory in them! Our over regulated and highly organized society provides few opportunities where the end of the day isn't already known before the day begins. How boring is that?


We are privileged to be involved in an occupation where freedom and challenge aren't rarities, they are constant companions. You never know what opportunities will open up, what prizes will be offered that you can win or what setbacks might befall you. For the committed real estate sales professional every day is an adventure to look forward to.


Don't be a quitter, because anybody can be a quitter. It takes a person of character, strength, commitment and self-discipline to do what others can do but aren't willing to do.


So, start each day with a positive, self-expectant attitude and if your day gives you some lemons turn them into lemonade.


Today is the mid-way point for the month of September, good time to review your goals and make any adjustments to your plan to assure you reach those goals.


Don't miss a special webinar this Friday at 1:00PM EST, "How to Master the For Sale by Owner."


Thought for today: Obstacles are what you see when you take your eyes off of your goals.


Have a productive day!

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