Second day of real estate school.

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  Wow, I'm writing about my second day at real estate school while I'm watching the CNBC show called "House of Cards"all about the real estate boom and crash,scary.Today was easier to wake up then the day before,I slept great last night.I was excited to learn more about real estate today. First I need to clear something up, I spoke about the reference my teacher made about "Pimps and Ho's" yesterday and maybe I should add, the reference was not that offensive in class but after I wrote about it I have to say I'm sorry if I offended anybody who read my blog. I wondered if my teacher read my blog because he really didn't reference "Pimp and Ho's" at all in class today.Instead he really took his time when the topic of Fair Housing Laws was explained. Talking in depth on how far America has come to give equal housing opportunity. He talked from the heart when explaining the illegal violation of "steering "a customer to areas of one religion,race or color. My teacher seems like a really nice man, someone who definitely sleeps well at night and like he says "doesn't have to walk on the other side of the street to dodge anyone". I finally made a friend in class today with a very nice girl who sat in front of me , we actually have a mutual friend in common too (it really is a small world).Her name is Valerie and is studying real estate law so I took her down her contact number because I'm sure I will need a real estate lawyer in the future. I'm sitting on my sofa while I write this blog and I just looked up and out of my living room windows and the sky line of down town Miami caught my eye,"what a beautiful city"and look at all those empty high rises I cant wait to try and sell some condos in the near future.I know the market is down and real estate isn't the best business to be getting into right now but I'm in no hurry.I"m giving myself a year to intern or be mentored and really learn this craft. A year from now I will feel a lot more secure about diving into the real estate world. While stopping by the bar/lounge I run in south beach after class to put up some marketing material in the front window I went to grab a espresso from my favorite Italian restaurant called La Locanda. I sat at the bar in the restaurant as usual and there was a gentleman I had met a couple months prior sitting at the bar too. This gentleman is a Realator for the past 10 years I explained to him I was finally taking the real estate classes I spoke to him about last time we chatted but this time he said when I get my license to come and talk to him. Wow I thought this was great I was just offered a job and I've only completed 2 days at school. I'm gong to sleep tonight feeling pretty good about life.

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Oct 02, 2017 06:13 PM