What Happened to The Kiss Method

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What Happened to The Kiss Method

By JR Hafer  

What ever happen to the 'good ole’ kiss method ‘keep it simple stupid’?

From my perspective, if you keep things simple and straightforward and there is no room for misunderstanding.

Now, I may not be ‘the brightest candle in the arbor’, but I can tell you this, when folks start complicating things, they’re doing two things. First, they are trying to prove how smart they are. Secondly, they have a reason to create “loop holes”. Oops, did I just describe a politician?

No one asked me but in my opinion, for what it’s worth, when there are arguments over the interpretation of something, it is needlessly too complicated anyway, why wasn’t it written in simple everyday English in the first place, so everyone can understand it?

Perhaps, Shakespeare was right, maybe they should hang all the Lawyers.

It sounds to me, the simpleton I am, it may be a tad self-serving, for those who write laws to be only ones who can understand the blame things. Remember the Latin phrase: “Caveat Emptor” (let the buyer beware),

we might aught to think about that. We have the “Fox guarding the Hen House” No wonder the country is in an uproar over health care reform, No one really understands it. When the Washington insiders talk about things they use the ‘code Jargon’ of the trade, and not the simple language of the ordinary citizen. But they really don't understand all of it either. Just watch them argue... That is why the grand leaders of our country can’t seem to agree on anything. Looks to me, in Washington, their first priority is self-serving partisan politics. Should not their first priority be for the good of the country?

Maybe the subject is too complicated and they should explain it all to us, simply... There's no wonder we get so many different versions, perhaps, they don't understand it either.

My Daddy always told me, ‘opinions are like Belly buttons’, everybody has one”!

Am I the only one, who thinks we should go to the “Kiss Method” and keep it simple? After all it's a complicated world and it's madness to allow all these complex laws and bills to be so incomprehensible, don’t you think so? Thank God we have Honest, politicians, with integrity and traditional values, who are our mentors...

Oops, sorry Joe, (before you yell out, "He Lies")! Hello… hello… is anyone listening?

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Gloria Laughton Allston

I think the "KISS" method has been overshadowed by the "CYA" method.

Sep 16, 2009 01:35 AM
Charles Stallions
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Why is it that most politician are lawyers and they don't even understand the stuff their trying to sell to the American people.

All politicians have to go this next election, so we can start over. Even if we get a few bad apples it would be better than having these current lifers.

Sep 20, 2009 05:23 AM