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Show up

About 10 years ago I had dinner with Dr J. One of the people at the table asked him how did he become so great. It was simple he said, 80 percent of the time I was the best player on the court. 10% time I was average and needed to take great shots. The last 10% I was horrible, but the other team did not know it, so I just made myself present.

Sometimes just showing is all you will need is what I heard.


Rick Frey


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Johnny Morrow
Track The Lead - San Antonio, TX
Simple CRM Development

Dr J was so good, that just showing up his natural ability and instincts was enough to be better than the average player.  How good are you?  when your bad, are you still good?  And when your as good as Dr J, the other players still respect you because your character will stand alone.

Sep 16, 2009 03:26 PM