"Social Media Mumbo Jumbo"...Dear Agent, thanks for saying NO

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Dear Agent, Here's my THANK YOU AND VIRTUAL HIGH FIVE for not taking social media serious. I'm not saying face to face marketing is dead, but it's certainly dying. Since you didn't heed my warnings in those office meetings, I'm taking over the net while you sit and wait for the phone to ring. My new listing campaign (it's all web based) will reach thousands of people who are relocating to my area while the tiny ad, that cost you hundreds, will sit unread each week in the classifieds or real estate section of the paper. To all the folks who I follow or "chat" with on Twitter, thanks. You're support is viral and I'm happy to be "sick" with that! The first time home buyers and internet savvy techies are looking for someone who'll text, or FB or Tweet updates to them. Imagine if a home buyer or seller could login and see everything you're working on without picking up the phone for an update? How much time would that save you and how HUGE would that be as a customer service tool?! No more paper on listings either, I'm going green to help save a few trees and TEXT my MLS information sheets to drive by home buyers. They can pass it to friends too. I have single property websites that I encourage my sellers to text, FB and tweet to all their friends too. If they drum up a buyer for their home, I give them a discount off the commission. Why not, they did some marketing and it plastered my name and info all over their networks! It might be a hard decision for some folks to leave traditional practices behind, but I'm ready to ride the new wave of real estate. Enjoy the revolution and I'll see you at the top!
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