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Eaton Ohio Library Closing

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Well, word on the street is that the Eaton Library will be closing next week (September 20-26, 2009) due to lack of funding.  The Preble County district Libraries have seen belt-tightening for months now, and in an effort to cut expenses, I guess this is what has been decided.

I guess I'm a little nervous that the shut-down will go un-noticed.  It certainly wont by me and my family.  Self-professed book-worms; we try to get to the library on a regular basis, even in the summer time.

I know times have changed.  It's maybe easier sometimes to buy the magazine subscriptions, get the news on-line, read the latest novels on "Kindle", or order up some cheap used books on "Amazon".  Truth be told though, there is something inherently GOOD to be found in the narrow aisles of the local Library.

The silence of the rooms, the smell of the books, the tranquility that comes from just perusing the rows of books, even the excitement of spotting that new release you've been watching for.

Sort of sad really, that funding for something so integral to our health, wealth and well being as READING is one of the first things cut when pocketbooks get tight.  You don't notice any sports programs shutting down to cut expenses.  Just makes me wonder where peoples' priorities have gone.

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