Avondale Road Work - Will The New Grinding Technique Reduce Noise?

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Are you curious about the road work on Avondale? 

The committee for A Better Avondale has been hard at work over the last year meeting with DOT and county executives to get the road improved and the county to address the road noise (read more @ www.ABetterAvondale.org). 

So what are they doing?

King County Department of Transportation has begun the work on a test patch between NE 144th and NE 151st St.  They are currently working on the northbound lane (causing a temporary shut down of the lane) and will begin work on the southbound lane approximately next Wednesday.  The work on each lane involves removing damaged panels, digging down about one foot, adding new foundation material (gravel), compacting the gravel, then testing for proper compaction, before doing a "hot pour" to re-pave where needed.  They are using "hot pour" because it cures faster and the road can be re-opened as soon as possible.  After the panel repair, the road will be grinded using the Next Generation Grinding technique. 

The grinded surface is expected to be smoother, quieter and safer.  Noise measurements will be taken and analyzed after the project.  At that time, decisions will be made about how to repair (re-surface) the remaining sections of old Avondale road.  The feasibility of grinding vs. resurfacing with Asphalt Rubber will be studied. 

By the way, for those curious, there was a delay in starting the project because of other road closures in the area (which could impact Avondale traffic) and the beginning of school. 

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