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Bancroft Village

Sherry Hutchens is an Empire Realtor who specializes in working with buyers and sellers throughout the Diablo Valley. She especially loves Bancroft Village. I was able to speak to her about this charming community, and this is what she had to say!

Q:    Where is Bancroft Village?
A:  Bancroft Village is in the heart of residential Walnut Creek, a few moments from downtown via Ygnacio Valley Road.  It's bright, clean, well-kept, and close to everything!  It's bordered by a park and a canal trail, so it's also a great place for people who want active lifestyles close to nature. 

Q:  What kind of homes are there?
A:  Bancroft Village is a PUD (planned unit development) built in several phases during the 1970s and 1980s. It is made up of 400 townhouses, ranging from 2 bedroom/2 bath up to 3 bedroom/3 bath.  Each townhouse has a small courtyard in front, an attached 2-car garage, and a backyard.

Q:  How would you describe this neighborhood?
A:  Bancroft Village used to be known as a Rossmoor alternative. If you wanted a nice home in a good location, but didn't want to deal with the care of a house and the yard, and you weren't quite ready for Rossmoor, then Bancroft Village was an excellent place to call home. 

These days, you'll find a wide range of homeowners - everything from senior citizens enjoying retirement, to families who want their children to attend the excellent Walnut Creek schools, to singles and newly married couples who are pleasantly surprised by Bancroft Village's affordable homes.  

Q:  Why is it called Bancroft Village?
A:  Bancroft Village was built on what used to be the Bancroft family farm, founded in 1880 by Hubert Howe Bancroft and made up of approximately 400 acres of walnut and fruit trees. Mr. Bancroft, an avid collector of books about the American West, also gave his name to the Bancroft Library at UC Berkeley.

The family farm was passed down through the family and as the city of Walnut Creek grew and farming moved east to the San Joaquin Valley, the land was gradually sold off to developers including the one that built Bancroft Village.

The Ruth Bancroft Garden on Bancroft Road is the last remaining piece of undeveloped land from the original farm. In 1989, it became the first garden in the United States to be preserved by the Garden Conservancy and has been open to the public since 1992. If you've never visited, you're in for a real treat!  Don't be surprised if you catch a peek of Ruth Bancroft - she's still active in the garden at 100+ years old.

Q:  What makes Bancroft Village so popular?
A:  Many reasons, including the fact that it is a clean, well-kept and affordable complex where the exterior of the homes, front lawns, common areas and streets are all maintained by the financially healthy HOA.  There are two sparkling pools and several tennis courts on the premises. Feel like a walk? The Contra Costa Trail is just steps away. How about a visit to Heather Farm Park? Bancroft Village homeowners have special access via a locked gate at the back of the complex.  And downtown Walnut Creek, with its world-class shopping, dining and entertainment, is only a short, five-minute drive away. 

Interested in becoming one of the Village people? Contact Sherry today, she can give you the grand tour and show you some homes that you will love.

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posted by: Katie Lance, Marketing Manager, Empire Realty Associates

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