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Is the word 'sexy' one of the adjectives you can use when describing a house?  Would it be fair to include in your ad the word 'sexy' when you post your listing on the web?  What makes a house or condo sexy? What makes a house NOT sexy?

For me, this topic is easy!  I've been in sexy houses before.  I've showed them.  I've sold them.  I've owned them.  So the answer to all of the above questions is an emphatic YES!  Let me break this down a little and explain.  

We all know that there are very COOL houses and condos out there.  Cool isn't always sexy, but sometimes it comes close.  I've seen some very cool and sexy homes that are contemporary, but they don't have to be (modern).  They can be older, Victorian, heavier.  Because of our location in SE Florida, we're already halfway there because of the ambiance we're surrounded by.  Palm trees, sultry nights, an ocean breeze, Latin clubs, lotsa money, expensive cars....and the list goes on.  So what makes a home sexy?

The first thing that comes to mind and really makes a difference is the layout of a home, how it flows, if it's functional.  Are there open spaces?  Or is everything crowded and crushed, confined?  If I'm put off by the horrible layout and ridiculous angles, then I'm going to be distracted and not think it's a sexy home.  Thumbs down.  What about the colors of the walls and ceilings?  Warm and inviting?  Cool colors?  Or the same thing I see in 99% of the other homes out there?  How about the furnishings and accents?  Is it clean?  Or dirty and messy?  

Sexy houses are easy to rent or sell.  People want to live in them.  Friends want to know when the next party is....they make you feel good, plain and simple!

Here are a couple of photos of sexy homes.  Let me know what you think!







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