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New to apartment locating . . .

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After I took the test and interviewed with a couple of real estate companies I decided the best thing to do was apartment locating. I did not have the money for the board of realtors and apartment locating looked like something I would like to do.

I believe I made the right decision. I have only been in this company since Tuesday, but they look relatively organized and a great program in place. We had 2 trainings with the co-founder of the company.

The splits in apartment locating are different, but can be quite rewarding if the broker's part work towards helping you. This was one of the things that drove my decision.

This week has been busy for me previewing properties and meeting leasing agents. The best part of previewing the properties was meeting all the people. Many of them struck conversations and showed me the models with a 90+ degree weather.

If  you have experience apartment locating please give me insights into the service.

I look forward to working with leasing agents and anybody looking for apartments. If you are newly licensed and would like to know more about apartment locating don't hesitate to call me.

There are not too many blogs about apartment locating. I will write about my experiences and practices to try to help people who might be considering it. Hope you guys have a good day.