Greers Ferry Lake: The "White Line"

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Corps of Engineers white line

Shopping for lake front property on Greers Ferry Lake is often an educational process for buyers.  Commonly the first questions out of a buyer's mouth is, "What about installing a boat dock?" or, "Can I clear trees to open up the view of the lake?"  While there are a few properties around the lake that have private docks, they are by far the exception to the rule and the Corps of Engineers is unlikely to issue more permits in the future.  Also, a large number of lake homes do not actually have a view because of the trees and other vegetation that surround the lake.  The main difference between a Corps of Engineers lake such as Greers Ferry, and most other lakes, is that the Corps actually owns ALL of the 276-mile boundary around the lake.  (From that perspective it could be argued that there really are NO lake front homes on Greers Ferry!)  The point at which private property ends and Corps property begins is locally referred to as the "white line".  The white line is most easily located by white paint around trees.  The trees, though, are an approximate location.  Actual survey markers can sometimes be found nearby.  Survey drawings will usually indicate this line as the "fee taking line".  The Corps allows a property owner to maintain a 6-foot pedestrian path (i.e. cleared and mowed) in order that the property owner may be able to access the lake.  A ranger from the Corps will meet with the property owner and will flag the location that the Corps has determined for the path.  Any other "vegetative modification" is normally not allowed.  Why then, in light of these restrictions, would you choose to own a lake home on Greers Ferry Lake?  My answer is: because of the very shoreline policy that I have just explained.  Our shoreline is one of the most beautiful and scenic you will find anywhere.  The abundance of nature that surrounds the 276 miles of lake shore, in addition to numerous islands located on the lake, makes boating on Greers Ferry Lake a pleasure rarely found anywhere else.  I like the fact that the shoreline is not crammed with dilapidated boat docks and houses overlooking clear-cut lawns.  Being on the lake doesn't give you the sense of an over-developed, busy tourist trap.  It is a clean, pristine place to enjoy and reconnect with Creation.  If that sounds inviting, come visit.  I think you'll be hooked!

For more detailed information on the shoreline policy, check the website of the Corps of Engineers Greers Ferry project.


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I can confirm this, as I just walked in the door from a weekend on Greers Ferry. This lake is one of the superlative lakes in the Southeast. I was astounded at the beauty as we were boating around, and the water was crystal clear to a depth of about 10 feet. This was the first time I've ever seen this in a Southern impoundment. I highly recommend a visit to Greers Ferry. I don't think you'll be disappointed.

Aug 08, 2010 01:57 PM