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Hi, I'm Bryan Washington, a Real Estate agent with Coldwell Banker Preferred, just outside of Philadelphia, PA. For some reason, the folks at MOJO find me amusing, entertaining, and information; guess I have them fooled. They've asked that I help contribute to an ongoing blog just kind of highlighting what I do, and how I do it. They just said, put what is in your head on paper, or... I guess, on cyberspace?

 So, to date, you've seen a few videos of me, one from my car talking about MOJO and how I use it, and the other a segment of one of my more entertaining prospecting sessions. You see, I don't want to create a bunch of fake videos or awesome testimonials like all the other sites out there have; instead, they asked me to simply keep it real.

 I've been practicing real estate since 2007, and have been actively involved in Mike Ferry coaching since 2008. For those of you that know the Mike Ferry system, prospecting is key! In 2009, one of my colleagues in the market shared this great tool with me, and I've been able to leverage my time and results ever since. They key of course is consistency - doing it every day - which, truthfully, I don't. But, could you imagine if I did?

Last year, I averaged about 6.2 contacts per hour. With MOJO, I'll easily hit 12 contacts an hour (being that some conversations in real estate are a little longer and can last up to 5 minutes or more) and, in some cases, have hit as high as 20! MOJO allows you to triple your results without really changing your daily routine.

 One great idea is to use the MOJO Lead Store and look up street names that have a lot of apartment complexes, and call them to remind that the First-Time Buyer Tax Credit is expiring soon. Might be a good way to pick up some new buyers... as affordability is at an all-time high!

 - Bryan Washington

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