Dont Tear Me down!

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Our service men and women deserve better than this.  Visit Dont Tear Me Down and take a minute to watch the video, sign the petition and send a message to the ACLU and Supreme Court. 

I drive much of the highway system up here in New England and there are little roadside memorials, mostly crosses, erected by the surviving family and friends of someone who merely died in an unfortunate accident.  Dont you think a memorial erected ANYWHERE in this country, which is dedicated to those we have lost in service to our country deserves at least equal treatment?

If the ACLU wins this, are they going to go after these little roadside memorials?  I am guessing they will not.

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Christopher Bonta
The Bean Group - Londonderry, NH
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Just, viewed the video and I am offended at fact that this noble cross is being covered up. I signed the petition and forwarded it to some others I know. Hopefully the ACLU will loose this case in the Supreme Court.

Nov 08, 2009 02:53 AM