Reporting The News, Factually With The Who, What, Where, How, When Format.

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The expressions...facts, just the facts in detective work, news reporting were the benchmark to seek for years, decades, centuries.

To not introduce speculation, to let personal agendas to influence the news and to avoid drama, spin, sensationalizing was the basis of good factual news reporting years ago. Now as talking heads want to be the news as much as covering it to advance their career and as news becomes entertaining, flip, cool, the 5 w's are lost in the shuffle, the shift. Wrote an article on MeInMaine blog this morning about my life as an earlier Maine record spinners, news gatherer.

Capturing live audio from the Bangor Maine, state newsmakers was a new thing for small time radio used to only reading/heading news about the local area if it was on the wire service.

Does everything you plant and see here go syndicated, get transmitted thru other blogs above and beyond the social media sites the populate the cyber waves?

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