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MANY Loss Mitigation companies have opened up in the past couple of months.  Most are former brokers calling on those sub=prime clients they did preditory lending to.  Now they are making a killing on the people THEY themselves put into the dire straights. 

I did not participate on the retail side of the businss ANY sub-prime loans.  If you could not qualify using FHA (which had very loose standards) I did not make the loan. 

TODAY I work for a large bank cleaning up a lot of this mess in Loss Mitigation.  I see these former brokers calling up and asking me questions about Loss Mitigation.  It makes me down right angry that these third parties are charging upwards of $5000 to do Loss Mitigation for people.  They claim they can work miracles for these desperate people and yet they have no idea what they are doing.

MY wife has decided to help these people out to the best of her ability.  So here is how she is doing it.  She set up a Q & A email line.  The emails will be answered daily depending on volume.  Next there is NO fee structure by us.  She will also handle the Loss Mitigation with your lender if you want or need.   What we are asking is that if we help your client/friend/family member or whoever, that they send what they feel is just.  If they want to send $5000 and can afford it, GREAT.  But, if they only have $50 or $100, then thats fine too.  Someone maybe in such poor financial condition they can make their payments but cant send us a dime, she will help them too......FOR FREE.  We are putting our trust in God and our fellow citizens. 

SO, if you have a question, please contact her at savemyhome18@yahoo.com

IF you would like to help in this cause, contact us here on AR.


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Sal Antsipenka
Naples, FL

American business cycles like these crazes: real estate, loans, short sales, loss mitigation etc. There are always people with inspirational speeches and promise of big quick bucks. Solution - question everything! Gullibility is funny, but mostly costly.

Sep 20, 2009 05:58 AM
Tony Bolodar
NEXA Mortgage - Plano, TX
Residential Mortgage Loan Originator, #1320876

Unfortunate as it maybe, some people are just uneducated enough to fall for the traps.  I see it every day and it aggrivates me why the Government did not go after those preditory lenders in the first place.

Instead, there are now classes that Loan Officers must sleep through, take a test and then go out and do the same thing.  It is just another fee to do business.  Until they start going through some of those loans and taking it BACK to the Loan Officer....and do MORE oversite, there is ALWAYS going to be these issues. 

But who can afford to be an auditor?  I think in Texas, they pay about $2200 a month.  That is not enough to live on. 

Yes, She is going to try to help people do for free what they can do themselves.  I would too but we need some income and insurance....LOL

Sep 20, 2009 06:05 AM