First Time Rental Mistakes

Real Estate Agent with The Jills

When it comes to renting Miami Beach homes, one must be careful not to make simple mistakes that can make a one-year lease feel like an eternity. Renting Miami Beach homes is an exciting process and it’s easy to get swept away in the idea of having your very own Miami Beach home, but don’t get too carried away, you still need sound judgment to make sure you get a quality home for an affordable monthly payment.

One must always remember, the cost of renting is more than just your monthly payments. Certain Miami Beach home rentals come with deals that can save a lot of money. If your monthly payment includes water, electricity and cable, it can be hundreds of dollars less than a lease that doesn’t include these basic necessities. You need to calculate the actual cost of renting a Miami Beach home before you make a year-long commitment.

Many Miami Beach home renters don’t feel the need to get renters insurance because the property itself is covered by the landlord. However, all of your possessions are not covered by the landlord’s insurance and if something happens to your Miami Beach home because of flood, fire or burglary, you won’t be reimbursed. You may feel that your possessions are not worth the $150 dollars in renters insurance you’ll pay every year. But when all is added up the average person has around five-to-ten thousand dollars worth of possessions in the condo or home.

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