Lee County Florida, Something's changing in FC/Shrt/Std ratios

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Something's changing in FC/Shrt/Std ratios, some regions seeing some relief, others seeing more pain.  Lee County's showing more pain (+4%) in the broad view.

South Cape Coral stands out clearly as a "pain center" in this view, North Cape shows a significant "relief center".  LA in broad spectrum is beginning to move from painful to somewhat-relieved, with plenty of room for improvement.  UEP areas where the future improved show less FC/Shrt %, though that may well be either temporary or my own wishful thinking.  The longer view will tell the story more clearly..

INVENTORY vs. DEMAND - it'll end up being the driving force as usual..  "Usual" would be better than the calamity of our recent "Usual", but every day brings a whole new "Normal" these days.

We'll look forward to the newest "Normal" being something we can remember was a good time to be alive.  If Mr/s. DEMAND doesn't die, Mr/s. Inventory will require a higher paycheck sooner or later.  Mr/s. Inventory has reduced from 11,400 in Nov '08 to 10,800 today against a flood of 14,000 Mr/s Demands, all of whom have found themselves Owners and are spending their Cost Of Living in Lee County now (or their Tenants are).

It'll happen, it's how "IT" goes.

Trans types?  Glad you (would have) asked:

Sale Financing By Type
Year: 2007 %

*Cash* 1235 16.6%
*Conv* 3787 50.8%
*FHA* 0 0.0%
*VA* 0 0.0%
*OTHR* 294 3.9%
*OWNR* 52 0.7%
*UNK* 2080 27.9%

Totals: 7448 100.00%

Year: 2009 %

*Cash* 9270 64.2%
*Conv* 3593 24.9%
*FHA* 767 5.3%
*VA* 79 0.5%
*OTHR* 600 4.2%
*OWNR* 133 0.9%
*UNK* 1 0.0%

Totals: 14443 100.00%

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