RIP, Mr. Borlaug - A Global Hero We'll Never Meet (and probably wouldn't know if we did)

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This fellow probably saved more people than anyone else on earth in the
entire human history.

By proxy, he very likely saved US in the process.

Nobody in America or Europe knew he existed except those who opposed him
long ago, and oppose his effects yet today in the guise of
"environmental causes".

His long-lasting effects are evidence that some few Nobel Peace Prize
Awardees actually earned the honor for their outcomes, not their
"theories". Unfortunately, examples of his sort are in the minority in
recent times.

During the Depression (the last one, not this one) he worked for the
CCC, one of the many starvation-wages "Gov't Relief" program FDR put in
place after he taxed the employers out of business.

While working in the CCC, Mr. Borlaug learned a lot about people who are
starving, lessons learned from that era were put to use throughout the
rest of his productive life.

He never quite understood why they were starving in the first place, but
was a scientist and an activist of sorts, the causes of humankind's
self-destructive ways weren't his bag.

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