After seven years, a return.

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From the blog of my dear friend, J. Birch.

So, after seven long years, I return to upstate New York and open a door to my real estate friends and therefore to my heart. In the entry is a room as beautiful as Monticello? here, and I plugged in my laptop to work awhile. This bit of time, spent musing and feeling most comfortable as I'm being taken care of by people who specialize in care, was a bit of a dream. Kyle Kohberger and Diane Thatcher the king and queen for me of style and taste sell property just as I do. They elevate our work to a near art and practice each day the rudimentary but with creative energy to allow us all to rise. Real Estate can be an opportunity, one which leads to pleasant memory following what is usually and often a difficult path. Transaction may be the correct word, but being led in this manner by people who bother to carve a genuine difference into our work allow us to be proud. I will not forget this week, or these marvelous people, my friends.

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