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I am excited to share great news...August continued to show a rise in the amount of homes sold in Monmouth County. For the past few months we have experienced more sales than the same time frame from previous years. August was amazing, and not typical for August. Despite what many people think..the busiest Fall month is usually October.

I am encouraged by the increased sales for several reasons, it is an indicator of the buyer confidence level and shows that it is price driven. As long as sellers continue to price their homes for the market that we have and not for the markets of 05/06 we are going to continue to move homes through October. I have experienced in the past when we see an abnomally in terms of the month, it generally continues for several months and in past years have given us brisk holiday sales. Thanksgiving and on. 

RESOURCES brings top dollar for Monmouth County homes.

 I am also very excited to share with you that August was a special month for us also. We made it into the top ten real estate companies in Monmouth County again. Alongside multi-office companies, Resources with our one specialized boutique office also had the top dollar amount for under contract homes for August in that top ten by far!!  Showing once again that bigger is not better. Our dedication to service and marketing is exceptional and produces exceptional results for our clients.

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