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We have all seen them, basements boasting imposing, ugly, harsh, boring, metal or concrete window wells, peeking through our windows and into our beloved basements.  Cover the window with window coverings and we rid our basements of the much coveted light that our buyers cherish and wind up with a dark and dreary space.  Leave the window uncovered and we see naked metal or concrete scarring what could otherwise be an attractive wall.

Since a finished basement is an extension of the living space it only stands to reason that we should treat it as such.  If the window frame is in good condition and the view to the exterior is pleasant, we should let the window act as a frame to what is outside.  So, what is a seller to do, with a view to an ugly window well?  Hide it!

window well after

Windowell Expressions has been hiding ugly foundations, skirting on mobile and modular homes, weathered retaining walls, and using their decorative stone look material on bars, wine cellers, and on walls to camouflage the ugly and now sell window well liners in various stone finishes that turn drab window wells into a pleasant lifelike view of natural stone.

This is one of those products that may help your home stand out from the competition. 




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Mar 05, 2012 10:09 AM