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Most people struggle when creating a website and the gold is right in front of you. The gold is their passion on whatever you have some knowledge in. Maybe it is car stereos, guitar playing, knitting, sewing, massage therapy and some of you are naturally funny. You tell these jokes to a friend and they laugh. What about people that have unusual mannerisms. I know this guy who cuts grass with an electric lawn mower with green jeans and sings Ronald McDonald Had a Farm. This guy is naturally funny like Jim Carrey the rubber man. So most people either have natural talents but don't know how to market themselves.

A friend of mine, Perry Marshall talks about creating an elevator speech that lasts no more than 1 minute. This elevator speech is the USP. What does USP stand for? Unique Selling Proposition is what that stands for. Dominos USP is Hot, Fresh, Pizza Delivered in 30 Minutes or Less. So two things you have to do is Know Your Talent and How to Market It. This is the foundation on Branding Yourself. Let me say this again, Know Your Talent and How to Market It.

Step 1

Register a domain name. I suggest you go with Go Daddy they specialize in domain names. But in my opinion, I have heard that the hosting has a little bit to be desired. So just buy the domain name from


Next you have to get a hosting company to put the domain name on. I personally would go with Some benefits are unlimited domain names and the use of the C-panel. C-panel has Fantastico in the menu. Fantastico allows you to install Word Press automatically without going through the hassle of FTP-ing your files.

Step 3

I suggest you get Word Press Blog to brand yourself. The nice thing about Word Press, You can change your blog anyway you want in a matter of seconds. Plug-Ins and Themes can be installed in literally seconds. Just do a Google Search on Word Press Plug Ins and Word Press Themes and you can come up with literally thousands of links.

Step 4

Next create a about me page that describes who you are, what your interests are, what your goals are and how you plan to solve your customers solution. I suggest you go with about 500 words or less.


Next step is to create a Video Squeeze Page. Describe to the customer a product you are giving away for free. This is called a ethical bribe. Insert a opt- in form on your Squeeze Page. I suggest you go with Tell the customer all you have to do to receive this product is fill in your first name and email address here! After you give them their product, follow up with more content that includes: give-ways, up-sells, down-sells, articles, e-courses, videos and much more. The sky's the limit. This is what is meant by the Money Is in The List?

You have to create a relationship with you and your customer and you have to Brand Yourself as the expert authority on whatever you have a passion in.

To learn more about internet marketing I suggest you check out my blog below and always

Have a Great Day!

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