Who Is Getting Leads To Your Clients?

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At Rezora, we have been pondering some questions as we look at additional functionality to our system – specifically around how lead generation and the agent/client relationship is handled. As we continue to work through various scenarios, we would like to reach out to each of you and invite you to submit feedback on some of the scenarios we encounter. Below is one such scenario…

Your client goes to the company website and inquires about property.  What happens to that client in most systems?

1.  System would check if this client was associated with an agent in the firm, if the client didn't have a relationship with someone in the system then the lead would route to the first available agent for the area. (Your client is now assigned to someone else)

2. If system recognized that the client was assigned to you then it would route to you directly. (This only happened if the client came through the website and was assigned to that agent previously)

This was a big issue in my firm because agents didn't go into the system to store their client’s information.


Our thoughts for Rezora and a little background on how we are different.

Rezora is an e-mail marketing and client insight solution for real estate.  Currently our brokerage clients have about 50% of their agents uploading their contacts into Rezora.  This number is partly due to the fact that agents are using our system to proactively market to their clients not just trying to protect themselves clients from the above scenario.

In our case the client is not a web lead.  Instead, they are e-mailing for more information on a property from a yard sign or print ad  The client would send an e-mail to info@rezora.com with a property id number.

1.  System checks the database of clients and routes the information on behalf of the agent that is associated with client.  (The e-mail has additional photos, specific property information and all the contact info of their agent)

2.  If the client doesn't have a relationship with another agent then the lead is assigned to the listing agent of the property.

3.  Consumer Choice - If the client does have a relationship within the firm and it is not present in any of the databases, the client can go into the system and assign themselves to the agent they wish to work with.


What are your thoughts on the differences between how the systems today handle these leads and what we are proposing?  If something is unclear, please comment and let me know.

Otherwise, I look forward to your feedback.

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Melissa Polce
ERA, Wilkinson Real Estate Charlotte - Huntersville, NC
Lake to Land, I've Got It Covered!

Thanks so much for the information and a how to really think about those leads!

Sep 22, 2009 09:24 AM