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Wow - it's been awhile since I posted a blog entry.  Since my last post we added a new member to our family - now 2 1/2... whew.  Wow where does the time go.  Well - technology has of course moved on with new companies, new products, new shiny objects to lure our attention.  But on closer inspection what has really changed?  The internet continues to be where the traffic is but that hasn't really changed in the past 2-3 years.  It's hard to move when the needle is pushing 80-90% of new buyers searching first online.  I think being in this business, having a wife that is an active agent and just being around and working with agents there does seem a common theme that gets played out time and time again. 

"I am just overwhelmed!"...

Overwhelmed with work as the deals are harder to come by and harder to keep together

Overwhelmed with products as the phone constantly rings and the emails constantly flow in

Overwhelmed with demands from my sellers as they want to know what more I could be doing

This is completely understandable and I being in the real estate marketing space find myself in a constant and all too familiar state of overwhelm as we have to decide as a company what cool new features do we need to offer inside of our product to stay ahead of the competition.  We (I should say I) am also competitive and when a feature/product gets added to the marketplace and we don't have it - well darn it I want it and I get to working on it with our development team.  We are darned good at this capability and usually the decisions are good ones but all to often this comes without the thought process required to truly determine the value of this added feature or product. 

So what I have decided is that moving forward I am going to evaluate situations by asking myself this question - Is this (whatever this is - a new seller, a new buyer, a new product) a distraction diguised as an opportunity or truly an opportunity.  It's not always easy to know that right up front but at least asking this question will have me focused on spending the right time on the right projects.  I may still start on something that isn't a good fit but I am more quick to notice where I am off whereas in the past I would bull my way through something just because I started it.

Overwhelm - it's something I have been experiecing a lot lately but it's not going to be my modus operandi moving forward - you can count on that.

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