Mortgage and Lending with Capital Line Funding Group

We haven't seen this lately, it's HOT and I am lovin it.  A True SIVA program from $500K to $3MM both owner and non-owner occupied properties. WOW it's just what the market ordered!!  I can hardly wait to hit the streets and start knocking on doors talking about this program.

The LTV"s are mid range even with cash out.  No I don't think it's a silly program.  It's for the borrower who can re-pay the loan has substantial assets but an income that varies from month to month.

I also have a VOE Only Program for Conforming High Balance Loans with 80% LTV purchase/R&T and 70% C/O on O/O.   No W2, No paystub and NO 4506, 1-4 Units, 700 FICO Minimum.

This should give the market a very needed jumpstart in the Super Jumbo arena.

I am your SuperJumboMortgageSpecialist



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