Lang Lee`s or Mo`s~~Whose got the best Chinese food in Orland Park?

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When the world is in turmoil and the housing market is in the dumps it is important to remember what is really important in life and that is.. a good Chinese restaurant. Really, what can make you happier on a tough day than a good egg roll or some moo shu pork? In Orland Park there are some very good Chinese restaurants around but today I will quickly write about two: Lang Lee`s the old established place that has been around since Orland had cornfields instead of subdivisions. And Mo`s Chinese kitchen, the little bean sprout that`s only been around a few years. Ok I will state my favorite is Mo`s the lemon scallops are fantastic and now they have a new dining room that`s large and well decorated. Of course I will be glad to listen to other views and taste buds on what is the best Chinese restaurant--and your favorite dish at... Lang Lee`s or Mo`s?

Mo`s or Lang Lee`s

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