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Home Staging is an art - not something that everyone can do well.  Let me explain.  Last night I did a listing presentation and the sellers were wondering why their home did not sell when previously listed. There were several factors involved:  (1) overpriced (2) no staging appeal and (3) errors on the feature sheet.  Staging a home makes it more appealing to the buyers looking for a home in a certain area within a certain budget.  Instead of hiring a professional home stager, the previous agent asked the sellers to declutter and they did, but to the point of where the house was basically bare of any character, charm - the WOW factor was missing.

It's very important that the sellers are provided with the right tools to help them to sell their home.  That includes:  home staging by a professional; virtual tour/photos by a professional and marketing of the home by a professional.  Great team-work makes the sale easier.

My job is to assist the sellers in selling their home and to use all the tools available to me to do so.  If things are done right i.e. pricing, condition and location there is no reason why a home won't sell.  Always use the services of a professional.

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I've always considered it a chess game... not something that you can do by just moving furniture around. Sounds like the agent missed the check ;))

Sep 25, 2009 03:42 PM