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I come from a long line of Rensink's, I am proud to be a Rensink.

We have served our county in the military. We served as educators, engineers, lawyers, Car Sales, Real Estate, Bankers, insurance, on and on.

But most importantly we have served on the Farm. The Farm owner, Farmer, Dairyman, Crop Grower is vanishing. According to some the Average age of the American Farmer is 60.

MY years of farming include a farm 2 miles north of Boyden Iowa, The Shady Ash Farm. It was a wonderful place for me and at wonderful time in my life. I have so many memories of walking beans, Slowing life down and getting to know people. Of a Spiritual Transformation that rocked my soul and set the course of my life. Of Boyden Reformed Church under the leadership of Sylvester Moths, Pastor. Of the men of Boyden who served in world war II with my Father. Of Stories of my Brother Loman who spent a summer on the farmer. Of my Grandfather. He loamed large on the landscape of men in that Sheridan Township. Leonard Rensink Sr.

A Quite man with six fingers on one hand. He worked hard and knew his machinery. I worked with him. He was set in his ways, yet he planted flax on the farm before there was a market for flax. He was a good man, a hard man, and a man who when his aches and pains got to him could be short on the temper. I remember the first time we worked together, I was so proud to work with my Grandfather. It was awesome.

Boyden Iowa has been a second home to me. My uncle lee and my uncle Wendall still live there.  A piece of my heart lives there.


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I am a life that has been changed and grateful

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Cathy Meyers
HomeSource Lamareaux Residential Realty - Apple Valley, CA
Val, You make me think of my upbringing.
Jun 17, 2007 12:14 AM
Val Rensink
HomeSource Lamoreaux Group - Victorville, CA

Thanks for the comment Cathy, What was your Upbringing? Aren't you originally Canadian?

Jun 30, 2008 02:44 AM

This is an interesting article on the rensinks

Oct 04, 2008 04:45 PM