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Real Estate Video gone Viral!

So what exactly is viral marketing? Wikipedia defines viral marketing and viral advertising as "marketing techniques that use pre-existing social networks to produce increases in brand awareness or to achieve other marketing objectives (such as product sales) through self-replicating viral the network effects of the Internet." Wikipedia continues by listing all the various kinds of viral marketing...and VIDEO is first on the list.

If you wish to gain viral status with your marketing, your ultimate objective will be to identify others with a high SNP--or Social Networking Potential--and then create viral content that appeals to this demographic and has a high probability of being forwarded or shared. If you're reading this blog within Active Rain (this article's origin), then you've already found at least one perfect SNP group.

So, what makes videos go viral? Videos bring smiles to our faces. They engage us; involve us; entertain us; and make us think. The best part, especially in this economy, is that videos can be been seen and shared by thousands-perhaps millions--for free.

Videos are most effective because they provide a multi-sensory experience to the viewer--the kind of experience consumers now crave having grown up in a world full of television programming and movies. Why wouldn't the same media outperform all else online as well? It would--and does outperform other types of online content delivery every single day.
What are the benefits of viral video?
  • Viral video can be a life line to your listings, bringing lots of attention to you and your brand.
  • It's FREE publicity, and it reaches the market through new, trendy, and interactive channels like You Tube, FaceBook, Vimeo, or any of the other free online video servers.
  • Viral video widens the path for smaller companies to compete with the bigger agencies.
  • You can reach massive audiences.

There is simply no other way to send as powerful and engaging message more quickly to such a large audience for so little cost. There are millions of people out there, and more and more of them are joining the SNP crowd. Recruit them to assist you in spreading the word around!

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At Knightyme Video Tours, we know all too well just how hard this economy has hit everyone, and it inspired us to create this new, inexpensive service that (1) is so simple anyone can do it; (2) delivers the best quality video tours that will attract and engage buyers while impressing your sellers (you'll win the listings); and (3) costs less than a slideshow!

For only $50, you can have the very best video tours available anywhere in the world. And because your video tours will exist on web-based platforms such as multiple listing sites, your own marketing websites, as well as other social blogs, your search engine ranking will rise as your videos are found, watched, and forwarded all around for others to see. Plus, your personal branding will be on all your videos: this will direct buyers back to you. Not only that, your videos can be embedded on your own website and/or your blogs, and they can be shared with the rest of the world using any of the dozens of social media outlets like Active Rain, Twitter, name it! Buyers and sellers alike will be incredibly impressed with your services!
Another benefit of Internet video is that there are absolutely no duplication costs normally associated with DVDs and other hard copy formats--which will save you money: once it's posted online, that's it--no more copying necessary! You'll also save money by not having to mail your videos around to anyone wishing to view them; instead, you'll simply forward the links to your videos online for free! Oh yeah, one more thing: your videos will remain active and available for anyone anywhere to see at any time! Talk about convenient!
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Like to see one of these new, inexpensive, anywhere-in-the-world Knightyme Video Tours?
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Now, you can operate from anywhere in the world and still get our unbeatable videos!
Live on the west coast? In another country? Doesn't matter! With this latest addition to our video tours, you won't have to suffer with the local tour providers in your area ever again! Call us instead! It won't cost you a single extra penny! Plus, you'll receive your video tour in record time just as if you worked right next door to us!
Printable instructions for Do-It-Yourself Knightyme Video Tours
Ready to get started? Download a printable checklist of helpful hints and suggestions for shooting your own Knightyme Video Tours by clicking the link below:
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Live on the west coast? In another country? Doesn't matter! With this latest addition to our video tours all video tours are $50 and you won't have to worry about finding a local tour provider in your area ever again! Contact us instead! Plus, you'll receive your video tour in record time just as if you worked right next door to us!

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