Sabino Canyon in Tucson Arizona, its Trails and Hikes

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 Sabino Canyon and its Hiking Trails
Sabino Canyon
is situated in the Santa Catalina Mountain Range in the Coronado National Forest. It is a joy to hike, but in the Summer months you have to go pretty early to beat the sun.

Sabino Canyon,  Tucson, Arizona



There are a variety of trails in Sabino Canyon, and some people choose to walk along the road that goes up in the canyon. The road meanders across Sabino Creek and there are nine bridges. The road route has the most amazing views of the creek, the riparian vegetation, stunning Saguaros on the canyon walls, and towering rock formations which are dotted all around in the Santa Catalina Mountain range. The trails vary in length and elevation, but go from around 2800 ft to 3300 ft above sea level and to about 9.2 miles in length. 

Sabino Canyon, Tucson Arizona

In the spring there is an abundance of water in Sabino Creek and many people go swimming, however the rest of the year the water is lower as the Creek is not a fresh spring, but a waterway for the winter melt off of the mountain snow.People are advised not the drink the water.

Sabino Creek in Sabino Canyon, Tucson Arizona

Bikers are allowed before 9am in the morning in Sabino Canyon, but after that the road is for walkers and the trolley bus. 

 For those that would like to walk part of the way, but not the full 3.8 miles up to the top of the Canyon and back, there is a trolley bus that will take you back.

For an overview of Sabino Canyon and its desert flora, you can ride the trolley both ways.

There is no excuse for not getting out there in the beautiful desert sunshine!

Eddie and a few friends, Carl Aune, and builder Bryan Ayers decided to do a 10 mile hike of Sabino Canyon starting at five in the morning last weekend.

For those of you no accustomed to being up at five, this is pretty standard especially in the Summer months here!

They took some beautiful photos along the way, and met some desert critters too.

Sabino Canyon

The phonline hike is a more difficult hike in Sabino Canyon. It rises up far above the desert below and gives you spectacular views of Tucson and the surrounding area. The path is good, and there is variety along the way. Some areas are steep, but there are level areas where you can recompose yourself.

Phoneline Link Trail Sabino Canyon

The trail zig zags down the mountain at the top of the trail and joins the road for the journey back. There are bathrooms along the road stops, so be advised to make sure that you relieve yourself before the hike!

Phoneline Link Trail Hike Sabino Canyon

Sonoran Desert Tarantula Spider, Tucson Arizona

Desert critters are a common experience to see on the trails, and in the Winter months, you also see Deer early in the morning.

Rattlesnakes in the Sonoran Desert, Sabino Canyon

Eddie, Carl and Bryan were really close to this Rattlesnake who happened to be mature. Rattlesnakes don't like us either, so if you keep a wide berth the will not usually bother you.

Eddie and Anne McKechnie, Tucson Arizona


If you are planning a visit this Winter to Tucson, Arizona give us a call .....we hike in Sabino Canyon every day during the Winter months and would love to show you around!

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Wow!  Taht is pretty gorgeous!  I always like writing about stuff like this , too - great post:)

Sep 24, 2009 03:40 AM
Tucson Real Estate Experts Anne McKechnie
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Thasnk is so beautiful this time of year as the mornings are getting a little crisp!

Sep 24, 2009 03:42 AM
Karen Anne Stone
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Anne and Eddie:  What gorgeous pictures.  It must be so wonderful to be surrounded by such beauty.  Sabino Canyon looks like a "paradise" all it's own.  :)

Sep 28, 2009 05:47 AM
Mike Jones
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What beautiful pictures!  (Even the rattlesnake.) 

Mike in Tucson

Nov 21, 2009 02:04 PM