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Branson -Where's the Traffic?

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In the past, some of the local souvenir shops carried (and may still) T-shirts that featured a picture of two, long lines of cars on a two-lane road with the caption: Branson, The World's Biggest Parking Lot. This is proof that Branson has a reputation for terrible traffic.


While this is still a busy, tourist destination, traffic is really not that big of a problem. Prior to the early 1990's, you didn't have many route choices besides Highway 76 and a few windy streets that circled through various subdivisions. However, since that time, many alternate routes have been developed to get around town.

If you chose to head down Highway 76, the chances are good that you'll soon come to a halt and then a crawl. Roark Valley Road, Highway 248, Epps Road, Forsyth Road, Fall Creek Road, Highway 376, Shepherd of the Hills Expressway, Gretna Road, Green Mountain Drive, and Highway 165 are all routes that will either alone, or in combination with another road, help you avoid the traffic on Highway 76.  I suggest using a mapping program on the internet before your trip to incorporate some of these routes to reach your destination.

There are only a few times a year when traffic is a challenge, no matter what road you travel.  Times that come to mind are the Car Show Weekend in August, the day after Thanksgiving, and the three summer holidays. You will probably encounter traffic on these dates.  

If you haven't come to Branson because of the traffic, I hope you'll decide to visit and use some of the alternate routes I've listed to get around town.

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Jon Budish
Resident Realty - Fort Collins, CO

I finally have an explanation for the major traffic jam we encountered in Branson. We attended a wedding in Eureka Springs about 6 years ago. We decided to take a couple of hours to visit Branson, but decided not to fight the traffic when we got there. It was Thanksgiving weekend.

Sep 24, 2009 05:10 AM
Tammie Turner
Tri-Lakes Realtors - Branson, MO
B. A., Business


Thanksgiving weekend is probably THE busiest weekend of the year. I stock up on necessities and avoid town myself, especially on Black Friday.

Hope you'll come back and visit sometime!



Sep 24, 2009 06:12 AM