Govt's Only Choice Is To Stabilize The Housing Market!

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<!--StartFragment-->The thought occurred to me, as a Real Estate Investor, that before deciding on where to invest, what to invest in, and how much to pay; one must consider the state of the Economy, the state of Housing, and what’s likely to happen next.
One form of housing, or another, takes up about 1/6 of the workforce.  Besides the service industries, it and government are the two primary industries left in America, where almost all of the work is performed here, by Americans, or at least by American residents.  In addition, housing is the backbone of the Finance industry.  We can see what happened to our financial institutions when the housing market and housing prices declined sharply.
The only solution to turning around our Economy, once the Government stops spending without control, and stops incurring almost a $2 Trillion annual deficit is for the Housing market to turn around.  This is the only way to put people back to work in volume and to rescue the financial industry.  We see the massive first time home buyer incentives available from the Government, to people who have very limited credit and funds. It’s only a matter of time before all owner occupant buyers will get the same credit.  
As for the borrowing restrictions that have been placed on investors, these are likely to be softened as it becomes clear that investor participation is really needed in order to expand housing sales more rapidly than is currently going on.  
Now that housing prices have stabilized in the better investment areas, like many parts of Southwest and Central Florida, as well as North Carolina, this is a unique time for investors to acquire property, provided that the basis for it is centered on our minimal risk investment strategy.

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